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MBC Design
an Industrial Design company
Contact: Mr Michael Butler

We research, create, stimulate, innovate, test and resolve elegant solutions to complex product design opportunities.

Our core strength is a fresh pair of eyes and an unfettered open-mindedness about how product, services, procedures and human interaction with consumer and industrial equipment can enhance the client business.

MBC DESIGN is based in Bristol in the UK with a small staff and lead by Michael Butler who has 30 years of corporate and consulting experience. His business acumen is grounded in a decade of work at Procter & Gamble as Global Design Manager where he lead the design vision, resourced and commissioned creative solution and built capability. Working with top design agencies across the world.

Moving on to consultancy work Michael has widened his perspective to work on a range of consumer and industrial opportunities from home-ware and consumer durables to medical devices and utility scale power equipment.

In this wider arena MBC DESIGN has brought together creative branding, engineering, project and business management expertise. This way we help clients design in terms meaningful to their business and distil choices and actions that can be usefully implemented.


Design triggers both rational and irrational reactions to a product.

The first three months of a project will dictate the next 5-10 years of production.

Selling the development process short will cost you dearly in the long run.

Equally striving for perfection with your first version will delay revenue, risk competitive advantage and increase the payback burden.

We strongly impress on clients the need for a continuous design pipeline of market initiative and learning.

  • Get something out there and earn as you learn.

  • Then get something new out there as the competition are racing to catch up.
  • Learn more, innovate, stay ahead and build on success.

We are here to help, give us a call to discuss your project

146 Gloucester Road
United Kingdom
Telephone: +447932399485