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Welcome to HJC Design

HJC Design is an award winning product design & manufacture consultancy based in South Yorkshire, England.

From initial concept through to manufacture, HJC Design create inspiring products and new brand identities that offer real value and bottom line benefit.

HJC Design

HJC operate a full design & manufacture service, resulting in a streamlined product development process that achieves business targets and assures commercial success.

The multidisciplinary team of designers are experts within consumer, industrial, automotive, medical and sports sectors.

Design-for-manufacture is placed at the heart of the design process, encompassing plastic injection moulding, extrusion, over-moulding, blow moulding, sheet metal fabrication, die casting, compression moulding and production assembly methods.

By applying a user centred design approach combined with manufacturing proficiency HJC deliver inspiring solutions that are user driven and value engineered.

HJC Design


HJC's holistic design approach integrates user insights into the product design strategy, helping to drive ideation and create desirable user-centred products.

Real world observation and trend analysis using qualitative market research helps achieve a deep understanding of consumer behaviour. This comprehensive ethnographic approach drives the ideation process delivering new and innovative designs solutions.


HJC create entire product families and transform brand languages for a wide range of international clients.

All products are designed with a strong understanding of production engineering, delivering solutions that fully optimise manufacturing processes with minimum costs.


Rapid production of accurate models assists market feasibility studies, product appraisal and testing programs.

HJC deliver a vast array of prototype models from low fidelity proof of concept mock-ups though to high quality presentation replicas. The in-house prototyping facilities provide a rapid next day services to minimise lead times and maximise potential.


3D Computer Aided Design packages are utilised throughout HJC’s product development process to assess design feasibility, functionality and manufacturability.

A-class 3D surfaces, detailed comprehensive assemblies and technical engineering drawings are created to support tool production and product manufacture and assembly.


HJC Design deliver injection mould tools through a network of manufacturing partners in the UK and Far East, to provide a comprehensive solution to suit low or high volume production.

Our team of engineers manage the entire process from initial tool drawings and quality inspection, to factory visits and moulded part delivery.

The entire process from initial tool drawings, part inspection, to factory visits and managed part delivery, ensuring design intent is maintained and deadlines are achieved.

HJC Design

192 Shoreham Street
South Yorkshire
S1 4SQ
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0114 2788888
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