The Directory of Design Consultants

Directory of Interior Design Consultants

This list is only a selection of interior design consultants on the Directory, those with additional information and those added within the last 6 months.

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House Couturier

Randolphe Palmer Interior Design


3D Computer Visuals, United Kingdom
Jarvis Design is a Professional 3D Computer Visualisation Company, Our 3D Computer Visuals and Animations are Successfully Used to Gain Planning Approval.....

3D Animation Imaging, United Kingdom
3D Animation, CGI graphics & Walkthrough company that creates Computer Graphic Renderings of Architecture and Product...

3DLive Project Studio, POLAND
3DLive Project Studio is a growing Polish company engaged in 3D architectural graphic industry...

3d Visualisation, WALES United Kingdom
3D visualisation and rendering specialists....

agd Interiors, CAMBRIDGESHIRE United Kingdom
Talented designers providing exceptional solutions for residential and commercial interiors...

AmG Interior Creations, Exeter DEVON United Kingdom
AmG Interior Creations is a professional established interior design company based near Exeter in Devon and soon to open our office in London. We specialise in interior design for private homes as well as....

Amok Ltd, LONDON
Amok design commercial and residential interiors, small scale architecture.......

Anne Hunter Designs, SCOTLAND
With a comprehensive range of design and decorative services, Anne Hunter Designs provides a uniquely flexible approach........

Art from the Start Ltd, YORKSHIRE United Kingdom
Award winning interior designs for commercial projects.....

Artillus Illuminating Solutions, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE United Kingdom
Manufacture and distribtor of back lit and edge lit light boxes and non illuminated displays, poster cases....

Associated Designers Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom
We are a multi-disciplined interior design company which can facilitate all aspects of large commercial hotel projects or luxury domestic interiors....

Astounding Interiors, KENT United Kingdom
Astounding Interiors is a collective of strategic thinkers, designers and interactive developers...

ATADesigns, LONDON United Kingdom
ATADesigns specialises in print designs for the interior market. With a focus on products for wall space...

009textiles, LONDON United Kingdom (17/03/09), NOTTINGHAMSHIRE United Kingdom (02/12/08)

3dcom, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (05/08/08)

3DVS, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kindom (12/03/09)

the8fold, HERTFORDSHIRE United Kingdom (23/07/08)

A First Impression/The Staging Game, CANADA (25/02/09)

AA Design, SOMERSET United Kingdom (20/01/09)

Abdul Waseem, UAE (17/03/09)

Absolute Creative Design, CANADA (21/05/08)

Abstract Design, WEST MIDLANDS United Kingdom (12/11/08)

Albino Igil, DERBYSHIRE United Kingdom (08/04/08)

Alexander Associates, LONDON United Kingdom (16/10/08)

Alexander Interiors Ltd, OXFORDSHIRE United Kingdom (11/09/08)

AM Decor, LONDON United Kingdom (12/11/08)

Anthony Cowie Ltd, KENT United Kingdom (25/02/09)

Anthony Foster, KENT United Kingdom (24/02/09)

APLUS, INDIA (07/05/08)

Archgraphix, INDIA (14/01/09)

Architectural Interiors Ltd, SOMERSET United Kingdom (12/08/08)

Architectual Interiors, BRISTOL United Kingdom (05/04/09)

Architecture in Motion, BRISTOL United Kingdom (16/07/08)

Arena Design, WILTSHIRE United Kingdom (29/01/09)

Arndt Interior Design Los Angeles, USA (21/10/08)

Arquitektonica, PORTUGAL (20/01/09)

ART+TEK, HERTFORDSHIRE United Kindom (12/03/09)

Art For Interior Designers, LONDON United Kingdom (17/02/09)

Artdeco Interior Graphics, LONDON United Kingdom (09/12/08)

Ascender Design Ltd, WEST SUSSEX United Kingdom (22/01/08)

Asma Hussain, GREATER MANCHESTER United Kingdom (02/12/08)

asplanned - office interiors and relocations, SCOTLAND UNITED KINGDOM (11/03/09)

Austin John Interior Design, LINCOLNSHIRE United Kingdom (07/01/08)

Aum Architects India Pvt Ltd, INDIA (07/05/08)

Avid Design Divas, SOMERSET United Kingdom (10/02/09)

awhiteroom, LANCASHIRE United Kingdom (15/02/08)

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Barker Murray Design, HERTFORDSHIRE United Kingdom
Barker Murray Design is a Hertfordshire based interior design consultancy covering commercial and residential interior design...

Bascomb & Drew Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom
Bascomb & Drew's ideal is to create a home that suits the clients needs....

Beana Green London, LONDON United Kingdom
A Fresh, Contemporary London-based Interior Design Consultancy....

Blacksheep, LONDON United Kingdom
Blacksheep is a London-based design agency offering design service ranging from the macro to the micro....

Briggs Hillier Design, LEICESTERSHIRE
As brand and retail specialists, Briggs Hillier Design offer a range of services tailored around creating successful retail design solutions......

Brilliant Lighting, YORKSHIRE United Kingdom Brilliant Lighting specialises in domestic lighting design across Northern England....

Bright Green Design, HAMPSHIRE United Kingdom (04/01/08)
A high impact, low cost 3d visualisation service for architecture, exhibitions & live events............

Bambienti, BERKSHIRE United Kingdom (08/02/08)

Bangalore Office Interiors, INDIA (20/02/08)

Baqer Mehdi, PAKISTAN (24/04/08)

Barr Gazetas Architects Practice, LONDON United Kingdom (27/03/08)

BBD Interiors, LONDON United Kingdom (23/07/08)

BCI Corporate Interiors Ltd, BERKSHIRE United Kingdom (04/06/08)

Ben Stenholm Perspective Visuals, LONDON United Kingdom (06/02/09)

Bengal Design Limited, LONDON United Kingdom (16/04/08)

Bespoke Glass Basins, KENT United Kingdom (12/08/08), United Kingdom (11/01/08)

Bio-stile, USA (04/06/08)

board, GERMANY SPAIN UK (02/04/08)

Boutiquity Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom (26/08/08)

Bpoinchina, CHINA (09/10/08)

Building Plans, STAFFORDSHIRE United Kingdom (08/04/08)

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CH design, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom
CH Design specialises in small to medium sized commercial projects and residential design & decoration...

Checkland Kindleysides, LEICESTERSHIRE
We are an independent design group of 80 people and we believe our culture is unique. We’re collaborative, inventive and resourceful.......

CJ:IA Ltd, BRISTOL United Kingdom
CJ:IA Ltd is a commercial interior design consultancy specialising in the refurbishment, analysis and reorganisation of office space.......

Coconut Enterprises, LONDON United Kingdom
We manufacture bespoke interior design products from coir.......

Creative Action Design Ltd, HERTFORDSHIRE
At Creative Action we combine highly Creative skills with a good understanding of our clients needs...

Creed Design Associates, LEICESTER
Formed in 1994, Creed Design Associates is a progressive and innovative design consultancy based in Central England.........

CAD Interiors, CORNWALL United Kingdom (13/11/08)

Canning&Sheridan Interiors, LONDON United Kingdom (27/02/08)

The Canvas Lounge, WEST MIDLANDS United Kingdom (22/05/08)

Caroline Fooks Design, LONDON United Kingdom (17/03/09)

CBC Emotional Concepts, SPAIN (17/03/09)

CHD Design, USA (16/12/08)

Chesterfield Sofa Design, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (17/02/09)

Chintan Pandya, INDIA (18/06/08)

Classic Interiors, INDIA (07/04/09)

Colm O Gallachor wallpaper man, LONDON United Kingdom (29/01/09)

Concepts and Spaces Ltd, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (15/05/08)

The Couture Rooms, SCOTLAND United Kingdom (12/11/08)

CorpArtdesign, LONDON United Kingdom (04/02/09)

Craig and Mayes Interior Design, KENT United Kingdom (12/03/08)

Cranborne Interiors, WEST SUSSEX United Kingdom (18/09/08)

Crown Interiors, BERKSHIRE United Kingdom (17/03/09)

Curtain and Cushion Craft, LANCASHIRE United Kingdom (24/09/08)

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Dawn Chilcott Interiors, DEVON United Kingdom
Dawn Chilcott Interiors offers a complete refurbishment service for commercial interiors and domestic living space......

Debbie Neal Interiors, LONDON United Kingdom
Offering a personal service to interior design solutions, from consultations on colour and curtains to full design schemes...

A multi-disciplinary design agency, providing effective design and full management services for INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE, RETAIL AND EXHIBITION.....

Disco Designer, BULGARIA
Innovative Nightclub Lighting and interior design...

Daedal Design, IRELAND (07/04/09)

Dagmara Designs, USA (20/01/09)

David Keegan Landscape Design & Consultancy, GREATER MANCHESTER United Kingdom (06/02/08)

De Valero Design, England (11/03/09)

Deirdre Maguire Interior Design, NORTHERN IRELAND United Kingdom (16/07/08)

Denev & Clark, BULGARIA (25/02/09)

Designarchitecture Ltd, SURREY United Kingdom (18/06/08), USA (10/07/08)

DesignDot Consultants Pvt Ltd, INDIA (23/12/08)

The Design Shop, WILTSHIRE United Kingdom (25/03/08)

The Design Team, NORTH YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (27/05/08)

Design Venue, WEST MIDLANDS United Kingdom (09/12/08), ROMANIA (27/05/08)

Designsquare, LEICESTERSHIRE United Kingdom (15/05/08)

design studio v - interior design & space planning, SOMERSET United Kingdom (04/02/09)

Dhub Rhender, LONDON United Kingdom (08/04/08)

dicb interior design, ESSEX United Kingdom (10/02/09)

Diluce and Brown, United Kingdom (02/07/08)

Dimensions Architects and Interior Designers, INDIA (16/04/08)

Do Design and Visuals, WALES United Kingdom (30/04/08)

DSP (Interiors) Ltd, DERBYSHIRE United Kingdom (22/12/08)

Dublin Interior Designers, IRELAND (16/04/08)

DV8 Designs, CHESHIRE United Kingdom (18/09/08)

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Envisage Design Ltd, Staffordshire United Kingdom
Our team of specialist exhibition, interior, graphic designers and skilled craftspeople are committed to creating 2&3D.....

Epoc Interiors Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom
Retail Design and project Management Consultants specialising in national UK and Europe wide store roll our programmes....

Exposed, LONDON United Kingdom
Exposed are specialists in retail design and branding......

Ecoteriors, YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (09/12/08)

Edwards of Hadleigh, SUFFOLK United Kingdom (04/06/08)

Egerton Designs, LONDON United Kingdom (23/10/08)

Elemental Antiques, LONDON United Kingdom (28/08/08)

Emblazon, GREATER MANCHESTER United Kingdom (13/11/08)

ESTUDIO SEM, Spain (11/03/09)

Etre, HAMPSHIRE United Kingdom (02/12/08)

European Interiors, LONDON United Kingdom (27/02/08)

Event Communications Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom (20/08/08)

Evolve Creative Solutions Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom (09/04/09)

Eye Candy Interior Design, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (21/05/08)

Exclusive LEDs Bespoke Lighting, LONDON United Kingdom (05/08/08)

Exquisite Interiors, LANCASHIRE United Kingdom (27/02/08)

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Fastrak, CHESHIRE United Kingdom
Fastrak Retail offers an innovative design service. We can take your idea from initial concepts, to prototyping....

Falchi Interiors Ltd, BERKSHIRE United Kingdom (21/05/08)

Ferrari Architects, LONDON United Kingdom (22/12/08), SPAIN (05/08/08)

Flowers Design & Décor, COUNTY DURHAM United Kingdom (30/04/08)

Fluid Design Solutions Ltd, TYNE AND WEAR United Kingdom (11/09/08)

Fotoviva Art Prints, WORCESTERSHIRE United Kingdom (27/02/08)

Fountainhead Architectures Pvt Ltd, INDIA (17/03/09)

Frederic Marq Design Inc, USA (05/03/08)

Fresh Produce Graphic Design Consultancy, KENT United Kingdom (15/02/08)

Fusion Interior Design, DERBYSHIRE United Kingdom (08/04/08)

FYR Designs, BERKSHIRE United Kingdom (20/01/09)

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Gabriel Holland Interior Design, DORSET United Kingdom
A friendly designer who works on domestic & commerical interiors. Gabriel is also a Farrow & Ball Colour Consultant.....

Gilt & Gloss Design, LONDON United Kingdom
Gilt & Gloss specialise in luxury bespoke Interior Design for the Residential and Commercial sector.....

Glidden Design , SCOTLAND
Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Glidden Design is a business-focussed multi-disciplinary design consultancy....

G-Code Technology Ltd, HERTFORDSHIRE United Kingdom (02/04/08)

GBS Designs, HAMPSHIRE United Kingdom (24/03/09)

Geraldine Mattis Limited, LONDON United Kingdom (17/03/09)

Globulart, SPAIN (06/02/08)

Glosyz Tech, INDIA (17/03/09)

Gogovski Art & Design, MACEDONIA (27/02/08)

Goodhouse Interior Design and Construction, CHINA (14/01/09)

Grain and Green, INDONESIA (18/09/08)

Gold Media, WEST MIDLANDS United Kingdom (24/02/09)

GPA Displays Ltd, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (04/06/08)

Grafini Polished Plaster, LANCASHIRE United Kingdom (11/09/08)

Green Building Media, SOUTH AFRICA (12/08/08)

Green Spark Design, GREATER MANCHESTER United Kingdom (10/02/09)

Greyblue Lighting Design, LEICESTERSHIRE United Kingdom (05/11/08)

GRO Woodworks, HEREFORDSHIRE United Kingdom (25/11/08)

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Hodges and Drake, LEICESTERSHIRE
Hodges & Drake use design, innovation and technology to develop brands and products that help their clients businesses grow......

House Couturier, LONDON United Kingdom
Specialists in Flameproof textiles and embroidered silks.  Non standard window treatments and design led bespoke fabrics to order for curtains, all soft furnishings...

The House Genie, LANCASHIRE United Kingdom
Creative and innovative designs to suit your own personality and lifestyle.....

Hana Porobic Architecture, USA (27/01/09)

Heroic, FRANCE (02/07/08)

Heterarchy Ltd, LEICESTERSHIRE United Kingdom (04/02/09)

hi design ltd, WEST MIDLANDS United Kingdom (28/10/08)

hi interiors ltd, WEST MIDLANDS United Kingdom (28/10/08)

Hideout Design, LEICESTERSHIRE United Kingdom (13/05/08)

Hodgkinson & Co, LONDON United Kingdom (07/05/08)

Holistic Design, INDIA (05/08/08)

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Inside Information Design Limited, LONDON United Kingdom
Inside Information are specialists in wayfinding, sign system design and graphic design for the built environment....

Inter Arc Design Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom
Business led creative design solutions for companies seeking innovative interiors and environments....

International Design Classics Ltd, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE United Kingdom
IDC is a fresh new and very talented interior design company specialising in the hotel and hospitality industry worldwide.....

Ian McBain Garden Design, United Kingdom (25/11/08)

Icon Interiors Ltd, HAMPSHIRE United Kingdom (09/12/08)

iD STUDIO, GREATER MANCHESTER United Kingdom (24/03/09)

Id-sphere, LONDON United Kingdom (18/09/08)

Id34, KENT United Kingdom (13/05/08)

Ideas and Infinity Architects Pvt Ltd, INDIA (14/01/09)

IDILIK creative, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE United Kingdom (16/01/08)

Ignition DG Ltd, BRISTOL United Kingdom (19/03/08)

iiidesign (DD), LONDON United Kingdom (02/12/08)

Ikandi Interiors, UNITED KINGDOM (12/03/09)

Illustra, LATVIA (13/05/08)

illz Interior Design, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (02/04/09)

Immaculate Designs, PAKISTAN (20/01/09)

Ingate Place, LONDON United Kingdom (28/01/08)

InlandReefs (Aquarium Design), LONDON United Kingdom (25/03/08)

Inspirational Interiors, SURREY United Kingdom (08/07/08)

Interior Consult, HOLLAND (13/05/08)

Interior Design Dreams, DERBYSHIRE United Kingdom (21/05/08)

Interior Design International, LONDON United Kingdom (04/01/08)

The Interior Design Practice, STAFFORDSHIRE United Kingdom (14/01/09)

Interior Design Spain, SPAIN (27/02/08)

Interior Dimention, LATVIA (28/10/08)

interiorbeing, LONDON United Kingdom (08/04/08)

IORgroup, United Kingdom (24/09/08)

Irving, LONDON United Kingdom (13/11/08)

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JHP Design Consultants, LONDON
JHP is a multi-disciplinary design practice with studios in London and projects throughout the world. We specialise in solving problems........

John Cullen Lighting, LONDON United Kingdom
We specialise in creating unique lighting effects for the house and garden both modern and traditional .....

James Williamson Design Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom (11/06/08)

Jason Iftakhar Enterprises, LONDON United Kingdom (28/08/08)

Jayne Anthony, BEDFORDSHIRE United Kingdom (21/10/08)

Jayne Nelson Interiors, ESSEX United Kingdom (15/10/08)

Joe Duffell Design, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE United Kingdom (04/02/09)

John Goodyear & Company Ltd, SOUTH YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (16/12/08)

John Richard & Co, INDIA (14/01/09)

Joph Broadcast Graphics Ltd, HERTFORDSHIRE United Kingdom (05/03/08)

Joyce Porter Interiors, BRISTOL United Kingdom (05/04/09)

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Kaniez Abdi, SURREY United Kingdom

Kaniez Abdi Textile Design Consultancy specialises in innovative textile designs and products for interiors and fashion......

Keechdesign, HERTFORDSHIRE United Kingdom
Keechdesign is a multidisciplinary design practice founded in 2005. Our work covers product design, furniture design, commercial interiors........

Key Contract Interiors Ltd, KENT United Kingdom
Ergonomic workstations and seating for commercial and residential interiors,CAD design......

Kia Designs, LONDON United Kingdom
Working with an Interior Designer is probably every homeowner's wish - but many get scared off by visions of big bills and big attitudes.....

Karen Lane Interior Design, LINCOLNSHIRE United Kingdom (27/02/08)

Karina Keberga, LATVIA (16/12/08)

KCA London, LONDON United Kingdom (28/10/08)

Kilit Tasi Design Architecture, TURKEY (04/01/08)

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L Interior Designers, SCOTLAND United Kingdom
L Interior Designers specialises in the commercial and residential sectors, designing bars, restaurants and hotels. ...

LDT Design, YORKSHIRE United Kingdom
LDT Design is a product development consultancy with a unique blend of design talent, innovation, marketing and manufacturing experience....

Lighting Design International, LONDON United Kingdom
Independent of all manufacturers, Lighting Design International's focus is solely on achieving the most creative lighting solutions.....

Lisa Joseph Interior Design & Property Styling, LONDON United Kingdom
Lisa Joseph is a residential interior designer and property stylist, based in London.

Whether a single room makeover.......

L&H Studio:London, LONDON United Kingdom (03/09/08)

Lara Francis Design, LONDON United Kingdom (11/03/09)

Large Creative Limited, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE United Kingdom (05/04/09)

Laura Frances Associates Ltd, SUFFOLK United Kingdom (22/01/09)

Leslie Charles Interiors, KENT United Kingdom (16/04/08)

Liberty! Design partnership, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (17/02/09)

Lifestyle Interiors, INDIA (31/07/08)

Light Tape UK Limited, SOUTH YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (12/08/08)

Lights UK, DERBYSHIRE United Kingdom (05/03/08)

Lime Interior Architecture & Design, MALTA (31/07/08)

Lisa Tse Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom (07/05/08)

Logistik Ltd, YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (02/04/08)

Luca di Filippo, LONDON United Kingdom (04/02/09)

Lumenata Lighting Design Ltd, LANCASHIRE United Kingdom (02/12/08)

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Made to Measure Rugs, LONDON United Kingdom
1st Interactive Bespoke on line rug design service, we also offer a design your own service....

MASS Designers, MIDDLESEX United Kingdom
MASS Designers is a full-service design and communications agency, formed from a dynamic team....

Michael Nicholas Design, LONDON United Kingdom
Michael Nicholas transforms spaces into tailored environments bespoke to the individual client....

Monolith Architecture and Design, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE United Kingdom
Design consultants offering creative impetus and solutions to a variety of complex projects.....

Maison Design, LONDON United Kingdom (10/04/08)

Mansfield Monk, ESSEX United Kingdom (18/11/08)

Manuel Viliotti Neogramdesignstudio, ITALY (21/05/08)

Marchi Contract, ITALY (09/04/09)

me&c creative, SURREY United Kingdom (08/04/08)

Mellor and Scott Design, LONDON United Kingdom (19/11/08)

Menta Design, SPAIN (27/05/08)

Michael Holden Design Associates, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE United Kingdom (16/04/08)

Michael Murray, SCOTLAND United Kingdom (24/02/09)

Mike Vaughan Perspectives, BERKSHIRE United Kingdom (13/11/08)

MileyCAD Limited, LONDON United Kingdom (10/09/08)

MITUD Limited, MIDDLESEX United Kingdom (04/02/09)

MKS Group, BEDFORDSHIRE United Kingdom (09/12/08)

MOBLK, LONDON United Kingdom (14/08/08)

Moving Matters, WALES United Kingdom (23/07/08)

mpl Interiors Limited, SURREY United Kingdom (08/04/08)

MPY Design Consultancy, SCOTLAND United Kingdom (22/04/08)

mydesigntoo, KENT United Kingdom (24/09/08)

MyDigitalPrints, CANADA (08/04/08)

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The Natural Rug Store, WEST MIDLANDS United Kingdom
Design bespoke rugs online by choosing from a huge selection of materials including wool, seagrass and sisal.....

Nightclub Design Ltd,GREATER MANCHESTER United Kingdom
Nightclub Design ltd specialize in creative nightclub LED lighting design, LED furniture, nightclub bar and ultra lounge interior concepts....

N S Interiors, KENT United Kingdom (04/06/08)

Neil Scrivener Lighting, BERKSHIRE United Kingdom (22/04/08)

Nelberrey Design Company, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (20/08/08)

NEU Architects, LONDON United Kingdom (02/12/08)

Nick Hancock Design Studio, LONDON United Kingdom (25/02/09)

Nicolas Cinguino, CHINA (04/06/08)

Niro Design Ltd, SOUTH YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (04/01/08)

Normal TM, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (12/03/08)

Norton Design, WORCESTERSHIRE United Kingdom (07/10/08)

Novograf, SCOTLAND United Kingdom (07/01/08)

nuwave interiors, ESSEX United Kingdom (02/07/08)

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Origin Design and Marketing, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE
Creative lead and business driven, our aim is simple. To support and encourage your marketing and business objectives ...

ODAPS Office Design & Project Services Ltd, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (28/01/08)

Om Infrastructure Solution, INDIA (23/07/08)

Omilieu, FRANCE (02/07/08)

Opix Uk, HAMPSHIRE United Kingdom (16/12/08)

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Pamela Viner Interiors, United Kingdom
With over 20 years experience of creating beautiful interiors for hotels ,restaurants and domestic projects.......

Paula Michelle Ltd, United Kingdom
A small interior design consultancy specialising in domestic living spaces and management of larger refurbishment projects...

Pedro Caldeira, LONDON United Kingdom
Pedro Caldeira offers a bespoke interior design and project management service for private and commercial clients.....

Porous Designs Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom
Specialising in residential interiors, Porous Designs offers timeless design solutions for individual lifestyles....

Prestige French Touch, HERTFORDSHIRE United Kingdom
Exclusive and innovative French Style Interior Design whatever the mood you are looking for....

Palmcore74, BERKSHIRE United Kingdom (16/04/08)

Pebble Moon Interiors, KENT United Kingdom (24/09/08)

Perfect Concept Solutions, SURREY United Kingdom (10/02/09)

Perfecting Property, SCOTLAND United Kingdom (24/09/08)

PhilippeBecker, USA (24/02/09)

Pinnacle Interior Design, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (18/09/08)

Platinum Gallery, WALES United Kingdom (11/01/08)

Poised to Move Ltd, EAST SUSSEX United Kingdom (06/01/09)

Presentation Art, KUWAIT (06/01/09)

Procreating Limited, HAMPSHIRE United Kingdom (07/10/08)

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Q A Design, Scotland
Q A Design specialise in the provision of quality, affordable 3D computer aided design modelling for any type of construction or engineering project........

Qio Cre8tives, SINGAPORE (26/11/07)

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Rachel Harding Design with Rachel Family, LONDON United Kingdom
Rachel Harding Design working with Rachel Family, a diverse network of specialists and artisans inspired by life to design spaces...

Randolphe Palmer Interior Design, ESSEX United Kingdom

Ray Heath Associates Ltd, DERBYSHIRE United Kingdom
Ray Heath Associates and Ocean Projects combine to offer specialist design services for public aquarium projects......

Red Zebrano, LONDON United Kingdom
London-based, international, interior design company, working within the luxury market for private clients.....

RHL Technical, United Kingdom
Specialist recruitment consultants to the design industry….

Rachel Cooper Interiors, BERKSHIRE United Kingdom (15/10/08)

Rantmedia, WALES United Kingdom (25/02/09)

Rareform Branding, LONDON United Kingdom (18/11/08)

Re-Format, HAMPSHIRE United Kingdom (18/06/08)

Re:light Ltd, BRISTOL United Kingdom (17/02/09)

Reef Communications Ltd, SURREY United Kingdom (07/10/08)

Residence, LONDON United Kingdom (19/03/08)

Resident UK, GLOUCESTERSHIRE United Kingdom (10/02/09)

Restore Solutions, INDIA (11/06/08)

Revelloyd Interior Design, LONDON United Kingdom (08/04/08)

RG Interiors Spain, SPAIN (28/01/08)

Richard Lewis Interiors SL, SPAIN (26/08/08)

Richard Newnham Projet Management Services, HAMPSHIRE United Kingdom (20/01/09)

RSC Design Consultants, ESSEX UNITED KINGDOM (11/03/09)

RTH Group, BRISTOL United Kingdom (14/08/08)

Russell Hall Design, WEST MIDLANDS United Kingdom (27/01/09)

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Sarah Ross Design, LONDON United Kingdom
Sarah Ross Design creates inspirational interiors supported by practical advice...

Seymourpowell, LONDON United Kingdom
Our experience with over 200 brands in 12 sectors over the last twenty-one years has taught us that design is about making things better for people....

SHH, LONDON United Kingdom
SHH is a multi-award-winning architects' practice and design consultancy working in residential, office, leisure...

Shore Design, SCOTLAND United Kingdom
A fresh, creative product design consultancy formed around a well established team with a combined wealth of experience. ...

Simon Hamilton Interior Design Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom
Established in 2002 and offering over 30 years of collective design experience......

Steeldaisy Associates, LONDON United Kingdom
Steeldaisy Associates specialise in contemporary design for residential and commercial clients.. ....

Southover Design Ltd, SURREY United Kingdom
Southover Design is an innovative interior design and home renovations consultancy ....

Stanza Design, LONDON United Kingdom
Stanza Design is based in West London and offers you excellent value for money design and architectural services...

Studio K, YORKSHIRE United Kingdom
Small, friendly design company providing creative and cost-effective design solutions for print, exhibitions and web...

Sue Scammell Interiors, DEVON United Kingdom
Interior designers, makers of curtains, blinds, loose covers and related soft furnishings.......

System Concepts, LONDON
We specialise in the impact of human capabilities on design. Typical projects include improving web-site usability.........

Sager and Associates, SOUTH AFRICA (03/09/08)

Samer Chalfoun space+product designer, NETHERLANDS (13/05/08)

Samuel Stubblefield Design, USA (27/01/09)

Sara Sutherland Interiors, SCOTLAND United Kingdom (16/07/08)

Sarah Alton Interior Design, LONDON United Kingdom (16/04/08)

SC Design Consulting Ltd, KENT United Kingdom (02/07/08)

Shanghai Joro Interior Design, CHINA (16/04/08)

Sheridan and Co, LONDON United Kingdom (05/08/08)

Shimmer Designs, United Kingdom (22/12/08)

Shivam Technologies Pvt Ltd, INDIA (25/11/08)

Shopworks Ltd, HERTFORDSHIRE United Kingdom (30/01/08)

Shotgun Interiors, HAMPSHIRE United Kingdom (06/01/09)

Sleepy Weasel Interiors, WORCESTERSHIRE United Kingdom (02/07/08)

Smart Murals, WEST MIDLANDS United Kingdom (29/10/08)

Sno scandinavian design ltd, DORSET United Kingdom (26/03/09)

space style and atmosphere - Interiors, BERKSHIRE United Kingdom (02/07/08)

Spatial Designers, NORTH YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (06/02/09)

Splash Interiors, WARWICKSHIRE United Kingdom (25/11/08)

Stephen Dunne Interior Design Consultant, IRELAND (11/01/08)

Stewart Interiors, MERSEYSIDE United Kingdom (19/03/08)

Stone Wood Water Light, SCOTLAND UNITED KINGDOM (14/01/09)

Stoneville UK Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom (24/03/09)

Studio Cornubert, LONDON United Kingdom (24/03/09)

Studio MB, SCOTLAND United Kingdom (08/02/08)

Studio Schema, United Kingdom (28/08/08)

Studio Svetti, United Kingdom (15/02/08)

Suffolk and Essex Ltd, SUFFOLK United Kingdom (21/10/08)

The Sugarcube Design Ltd, MIDDLESEX United Kingdom (12/11/08)

Summertown Interiors, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (20/08/08)

Suprio Aongon, BANGLADESH (22/01/09)

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Tangent Partnership Ltd, West Susex
Tangent Partnership Ltd is a successful graphic and interior design consultancy in Godalming, Surrey.......

tailorcreative:design agency, NORTHERN IRELAND United Kingdom (16/04/08)

Tewin Water Designs, HERTFORDSHIRE United Kingdom (20/01/09)

Thar Interiors, INDIA (10/02/09)

Third i Design Limited, INDIA (17/03/09)

Tokonomaway, ITALY (16/01/08)

Transilvania Developments UK Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom (10/07/08)

Trinetram 3D Rendering Studio, SCOTLAND United Kingdom (24/03/09)

Tshuka, LONDON United Kingdom (24/02/09)

Tyionfordesign, LONDON United Kingdom (23/10/08)

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Unique Style Interiors UK, GREATER MANCHESTER United Kingdom (12/03/08)

Urban Cape Ltd, LONDON United Kingdom (17/03/09)

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VK Colourworks Ltd, DEVON United Kingdom
With a diverse and flexible range of services, there is something for everyone when you speak to VK Colourworks...

VC A Cristiana Vannini+Paolo Cesaretti, ITALY (15/10/08)

Vector Design Concepts, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (13/11/08)

Vertigo Creative Studio Ltd, LEICESTERSHIRE United Kingdom (28/01/08)

Vibe Design, ESSEX United Kingdom (10/09/08)

VIDA Interiors, SPAIN (10/12/08)

VIDA Interiors - interior design, WORCESTERSHIRE United Kingdom (12/11/08)

Viord Union, CHINA (09/12/08)

Visual Mind, LITHUANIA (10/12/08)

Vivid Consultancy, United Kingdom (21/11/07)

VS Design Studio, LONDON United Kingdom (09/12/08)

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Wagstaff 3d, LONDON United Kingdom (25/02/09)

Walk Interior Design Ltd, HAMPSHIRE United Kingdom (20/08/08)

The Water Feature Designer, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE United Kingdom (04/02/09)

Watson and Watson, DERBYSHIRE United Kingdom (16/01/08)

The Waveney Rush Industry, SUFFOLK United Kingdom (30/09/08)

Waveney Rush Interiors, SUFFOLK United Kingdom (30/09/08)

Websters Interiors, WEST YORKSHIRE United Kingdom (28/10/08)

wells design group, USA (04/03/09)

White Product Design, IRELAND (15/02/08)


WhoArtNow Designs, LEICESTERSHIRE United Kingdom (16/01/08)

Woodhead Pte Ltd, SINGAPORE (31/07/08)

Work Live Play (Kitchen Designers), LONDON United Kingdom (03/09/08)

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Xavido Design + Visualization, PHILIPPINES (22/04/08)

Zomah Engineers & Consultants pvt ltd, INDIA (07/05/08)

Zonauno, ITALY (05/03/08)

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